IT is crucial for smooth operation and support for your organization and its employees. With an eye on the future, however, we always have to ask ourselves whether the current technology, processes and procedures meet the demands of today and tomorrow.
As your support party, we also investigate this question in your place. The first step in this process is to carry out a sound, objective audit. This audit can be performed in different domains such as IT infrastructure and processes, security or GDPR.


Bij een IT-Audit werken we een volledig overzicht uit van alle geïnstalleerde toestellen, software, netwerken, licenties, telefonie en back-up oplossingen in de huidige situatie en proberen deze steeds op een duidelijke en visuele manier te schetsen.
Het resultaat van dit overzicht zal verwerkt worden tot een audit rapport waarbij de focus zal liggen op de bevindingen en de mogelijkheden om te optimaliseren.
Tot slot zal de audit afgerond worden met een bespreking van het audit rapport om zo een stappenplan uit te werken naar de toekomst.

Security Audit

For both large and small organizations, cyber security is one of the most important challenges of the moment. Due to the enormous growth of cyber crime and its even better organization, companies are being hit every day.
When conducting a security audit, we make a risk analysis of your network, software and infrastructure. In addition, we also list the security procedures and policies in place to get a complete picture of the current situation.
This analysis will then be processed in the audit report with a clear evaluation of the risks with the points for improvement. This report will be discussed with you personally in order to work out a strategic roadmap for the future.

GDPR Audit

Since May 2018, GDPR has entered into force throughout the European Union. In a GDPR audit we guide your organization to create and maintain a safe environment, both administratively and technically.
We start by mapping out the current technical infrastructure and software that you have available today and we analyze whether these meet. In contrast to most GDPR audits, ITCE goes a step further. We also examine whether your current organizational documents, procedures and data registers and whether they meet the requirements of GDPR.
With every audit a report will be delivered in which we draw up a GDPR action plan for you. In this plan we write down which steps are necessary to allow your organization to evolve towards GDPR compliance both on a technical and organizational level. This report will subsequently be discussed with you personally to develop a step-by-step plan based on this GDPR action plan.