Who We Are

ITCE is an IT service- and support provider with a specific focus and dedication to the SME market (Small and medium-sized enterprises market). Through the years we have build up a lot of experience in a lot of different business industries. We have learned to understand and take away your key concerns on IT infrastructure and your IT needs. With a complete team of engineers, all specialists in their specific area, we keep track of all the new IT features and possibilities out there. We will identify, check, test, support, train and present you with the best possible solution on the market and will support you on making the best solution possible for your organization.

Thierry Leyssen

/ Managing Director

Wim Vercauteren

/ IT Manager

Our colleagues:

Sophie Paquet

/ Management

Louis De Clercq

/ Research and Innovation

Dean De Beuckeleer

/ Technical Account Manager

Felipe Andrade

/ Technical Business Analyst

Steven Bou-Jaoudé

/ IT Operational Manager

Lieven Janssens

/ Telecom Consultant

Roel Raats

/ System Engineer

Maikel Stroobants

/ Technical Account Manager

Tim Troch

/ Senior System Engineer

Kris Debie

/ System Engineer

Michael Matthijs

/ System Engineer

Simon Nickmans

/ System Engineer

Melvin Oprea

/ System Engineer

Lennert Van Der Wee

/ Developer