IT is crucial for a smooth operation and support of your organization and her employees. With an eye on the future we need to question our self and our organization if the current technology, processes and procedures we are using are accordingly the requirements of today and tomorrow.

As your supportive partner we investigate this question for you. The first step in this process is to execute a decent, objective audit. This audit can be executed on different domains like IT infrastructure and processes, security or GDPR.


During an IT-audit we will provide you with a compete overview of the installed hardware, software, network environment, licenses, phone systems and back-up solution of the current situation. In this overview we will present the information a clear and visual way.

The result of this overview will be processed into an audit report where de focus will be on the remarks and the possibilities to optimize the current situation. After finishing the audit, we will discuss this audit report in detail with you to define a roadmap for the future.

Security Audit

For both large and small organizations cybersecurity is currently one of the most important challenges. Because of the large growth of cyber criminality and the improvement of the organization of it makes that organizations, big and small, are still being affected.

During the execution of a security audit we create a risk analysis of your network, software and the infrastructure. To get a better image about the current situation we will also investigate the present security procedures and policies.

This analysis will be processed into an audit report with a clear evaluation of the risks and the points to improve. This report will be discussed personally to define a roadmap for the future.

GDPR Audit

Since May 2018 the new GDPR law is applicable through the European Union. During a GDPR audit we will guide your organization to create and maintain a safe environment through specific business-oriented measures taken on administrative and technical level.

We will start with analyzing the current technical infrastructure and software you are using today, and we will check if they meet the necessary requirements. Against most GDPR audits ITCE will step up a level by investigation your current organizational documents, procedures and data mapping and review the regarding GDPR law.

At the end of every audit a report will be delivered with a clear GDPR project report. This report will contain an action plan to meet the standards of GDPR law through measures taken on technical and organization level. Together with you we will explain the report in detail to establish a roadmap to achieve GDPR compliance.

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