CASE – Airport Backbone

Backbone network for Antwerp Airport

During the migration from government owned airport to a private owner ITCE was asked to prepare a separate network to accommodate current and future airport clients and businesses. The existing network was connected to the “Flemish government” corporate network and could not be used after the migration. ITCE was asked to implement and facilitate a new network with these specifications:

  • Fast connectivity

  • Use current fiber links

  • High Security

  • Expandable

  • Accommodate clients

  • Replace all existing Internet connections

  • Price efficient

Analysis and Proposal

To be able to propose a solution to the new Airport owner our Network Team performed an audit on the current infrastructure and available network rack locations. All fibers were tested and throughput testing was performed. All physical locations and available lines (fiber, copper, PtP, …) were transformed into high level network and location maps.

These findings were the base to start discussions about the future backbone, Wi-Fi and client network. After several rounds of fine-tuning the proposal the ITCE Network Management Engineers started implement this network layout.

Telenet iFiber was chosen as the internet provider and Dell and Unifi as network hardware suppliers.

After an implementation and test period the project was delivered and handed over to the ITCE Network Management team for continuous administration, operation and management.