DEAPLUS moves IT network to the Cloud


DEAPLUS offers a wide range of customization, which meet high quality standards.
Just like for any production company, the company is heavily dependent on its ICT infrastructure and ICT service. To further support their continuous growth in this area, DEAPLUS was actively looking for an experienced ICT service provider with specialties in Cloud computing.

ITCE has extensive experience in Private Cloud Computations can fall back on a great know-how in this area and was thus well placed to compete in the tendering process of DEAPLUS. ITCE will support the entire ICT infrastructure and all users of DEAPLUS in all its branches. These locations include Zolder, Hasselt, Schoten, Boortmeerbeek, Roeselaere and Sint Pauwels.
Mr. Verstreken, director of DEAPLUS: “We met the management of ITCE a number of times and it became clear to us that they understand the needs of our company well. They have shown that they are willing to meet our specific needs for support and we are confident that they will provide a good service.”

Mr. Leyssen, Managing Director of ITCE confirmed: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome DEAPLUS to our rapidly growing customer base. It is a highly respected company with a high standing. It is an additional proof of our ability to offer a flexible and reliable service to companies with a very high degree of dependency on IT level. It also proves that, depending on graphic applications, companies can also go to a Cloud infrastructure with many advantages”

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