Looking for custom software? Is your company ready to automate business processes? Do you want to replace your old and obsolete business software?

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Our business consultants (link) will analyse and structure your business environment to provide you with a solution that will improve and speed up your company.

Web application & Web integration

Everybody has a smartphone, laptop and tablet today, we design and write software that is accessible on all of these devices. Using browser based web applications gives you the freedom of platform independent software.

Here are some of the projects that have been realized:

User administration, subscription management and payments - Sportwave VZW

Airport flight statistics – Ostend Airport

Human rights defenders web database – Protect Defenders

Custom business software

Software that fits your needs in all details, published in the cloud or only in your office.

Airport operational database (AODB) – Antwerp & Ostend Airport

Flight information display system – Antwerp & Ostend Airport

Payment gateway and client service desk – Arrowdesk BVBA

Access control & Iot

All devices will become connected, we are developing software that uses these evolution and uses the full potential of the “Internet”.

Wi-fi & Bluetooth tracking system – ITCE – Demo

Radio Frequency controlled light system – ITCE – Demo

VIP Room boarding card access – Antwerp & Ostend Airport

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