Digital Marketing

Everybody is using the Internet search engines to find plumbers, electricians, IT support. We all shop online and order things on various websites.
To make sure that you stand out and get traffic to your website, ITCE can help you with all kind of digital marketing-plans. Depending of your budget we can setup a campaign and report on results.
Our design team can help you improve the “look” of your digital advertising.

Why digital marketing?

Traditional marketing campaigns, including print and television, are very expensive. The digital marketing campaigns let you find your audience with minimal costs. By continuous analysis of the result data we can find the right approach for you.
The smartphone is a part of our body today and we ask it everything we want to know. By using our digital marketing solution you will not miss these searches and generate more business.

Digital advertising

More than half of the consumers online are using smartphone and tablet to connect to the Internet. This shift is causing changes in online marketing. Depending on your business we target your campaigns towards mobile or desktop devices.
These days it isn’t as simple as choosing a suitable bid for any given keyword. For half a decade we have been able to use bid modifiers to optimize the best performing parts of an account and automatically spend more money there. Advertisers can automatically weight budget and bids depending on a few criteria:

  • Location

  • Device Time

  • Time


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