Education & non-profit

Education and non-profit organizations are typical environments that are strongly depending on IT. However, for these organizations it is less obvious to spend large budgets on IT.

Correct licenses

As non-profit organization or educational institution there are often possibilities to receive donations and/or price reductions of different suppliers. ITCE has worked on different projects in both non-profit as education industry, in these projects we always speak to our suppliers to provide you their best offer. We have contact with some large suppliers as Microsoft, Google, TechSoup and Socialware. We are informed about applicable procedures and take away all the worries and burdens.

Specific knowledge

Through the years we have touched different suppliers and software packages. Because of this we have knowledge about most software packages on the market including all applicable rules and recommendations regarding GDPR and this for every specific target audience.


It is a fact that most non-profit organizations offer their services or products outside the regular opening hours. Because ITCE is active in multiple business industries where 24/7 support is absolutely mandatory, we can, compared to other IT suppliers, offer 24/7 support for a very attractive price.


Scheppersinstituut Mechelen, CKG De Kleine Vos, TEJO Vlaanderen, FIDDH - Protect Defenders

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Business Case

TEJO offers in Flanders accessible, therapeutic assistance to young people between 10 and 20 years old, short-term, immediate, anonymous and free of charge. The...