Flying Group signs ICT support agreement with ITCE


Flying Group is a fast growing business operator providing a vast variaty of operator and operator related services to its demanding and high profile customers.
Just as any airline operator, the company is heavily relying on its ICT infrastructure and ICT applications. In order to support its continous growth the company was actively looking for an experienced ICT services provider and services management company.

ITCE has a wealth of experience and knowledge and with its focus on the ATI industry was well placed to enter into the tendering process of Flying Group.

ITCE will support the complete ICT infrastructure and all of Flying Group’s users in all of its locations. Those locations currently include Antwerp (Belgium), Cannes and Paris (France), Luxembourg, Rotterdam and Eindhoven (The Netherlands).

Mr. Verheyen, CFO of Flying Group commented: “We met several times with the management of ITCE and it became quite clear that they understood the needs of an airline. They demonstrated their engagement and willigness to comply with our specific needs and we have all confidence they will do a good job.”

Mr. Leyssen, Managing Director of ITCE stated: “We are absolutely delighted to count Flying Group amongst our growing customer base. They are a reputable, highly respected and fast growing company. It is a further proof of our ability to provide a flexible and reliable customer service.”

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