ITCE participates in Spartacus Run for the 2nd time


Some “sporting” ITCE employees dared to participate.
Our team consisted of 6 ITCE Spartans.
Felipe, Dean, Roel, Michael, Lieven and Kris.

It was a super nice day with a late summer sun that shimmered across the course.
The weather was good to us, but unfortunately the course with the 16 well-feared obstacles ITCE was not well disposed.
Unfortunately, one of our ITCE Spartans has to give up.

Nevertheless, the remaining 5 ITCE Spartans, with a lot of blood, sweat, grinta and Team Building, have survived all 16 obstacles and reached the finish line puffingly.

ITCE has put a fantastic time.

7 minutes better than in 2017.

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