Looking for an all-round or specialized ICT profile to increase the added value of your IT department? This while keeping the head count and costs under control? ITCE Outsourcing does this for you.

You do not only realize your strategy with the right IT solutions. The right people, with the right expertise, are also crucial. ICT is becoming more complex every day. This is not your core business. ITCE Outsourcing ensures that you get the right IT specialist.

The ITCE Staffing team combines thorough technical ICT expertise with years of HR experience. We have a large network of candidates and the knowledge to screen, test and ensure a perfect match with your organization, both in terms of technical expertise and soft skills. We offer you different formulas for assignments in the medium or long term. We can work together ad-hoc or enter into a structural partnership. Contact us for an introductory meeting.


Are you facing a complex and long-term IT assignment and do you not have the right knowledge and expertise to realize this project? Are you thinking of outsourcing your IT department or part of it? Do you have a long-term absentee you wish to replace? Need extra resources without impact on your headcount?

Then “Staffing” is the ideal formula for your organization. We provide the appropriate specialist for your assignment or project. We provide our IT engineer for a longer period – from a minimum of 2 months. You enjoy his technical expertise, as an HR specialist we take care of the complete follow-up.

Non-permanent placement

Are you looking for an IT employee to strengthen your IT department temporarily or fixed day(s) during the week or for a temporary IT assignment? This is possible too!

Then Non-Permanent Placement offers the right answer for you. After an analysis, we draw up a correct profile description with you, we look for the right talent and we take care of the entire selection process. After a positive conversation our candidate will start with you.

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