Public Cloud

A public cloud is “based on shared physical hardware which is owned and operated by a third-party provider,” where the infrastructure is shared by many clients. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are examples of public clouds. Some of the most common real-world examples of public cloud services include services like cloud-based server hosting, storage services, webmail, and online office applications.

Why public cloud

Pay as you go

One of the main benefits that come with using public cloud services is the ease of scalability—to a point. For small and medium-sized businesses in general, scalability is pay-as-you-go. The resources are pretty much offered ‘on demand’ so any changes in activity level can be handled very easily. This, in turn, brings with it cost-effectiveness. Thanks to the pooling of a large number of resources, users are benefiting from the savings of large-scale operations.


Thousands of hackers have been pounding Google, Microsoft and Amazon for years now. The public cloud providers are ready for anything at this point. The security and setup of the environments are designed to minimize risks.


With a good public cloud provider, you should not be locked into fixed instance configurations, leaving you free to allocate exactly the CPU, RAM and Disk you need for each server. Such control over aspects of usage means a lessened chance of bill shock and greater efficiency.
There is no ‘best’ type of cloud to use, as each business will have different requirements. The best route when deciding whether you need a Public, Private or Hybrid cloud is to sit down and decide exactly what you need from your providers, and what you are looking for in their services.
Balance the various pros and cons of each, and decide which is best for you. That said, you can rarely go wrong with a Public Cloud due to its scalability and inexpensive set-up.

Is it safe?

The simple answer is yes, the public cloud is secure. Technology advancements and solutions over the past few years have eased the security fears for many users of the public cloud. Of course, that is not to say that any cloud is 100% safe as there are always risks but that is true of housing data on-premises as well.


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