Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing enables companies to consume compute resources as a utility — just like electricity — rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in-house. Businesses can focus on their main target without the stress created by maintaining your own IT infrastructure.
Cloud computing promises several attractive benefits for businesses and end users. Three of the main benefits of cloud computing include : Flexible, Pay per use and equals the size of your business so no overhead.


Private Cloud

You want to be in control of your data, expenditure, management and security of your ICT infrastructure and network? Your employees want to gain access to applications and data, from anywhere in the world and with any hardware? This is possible with “desktop as a service” from ITCE

This virtual desktop solution centralises all your data, storage, capacity and applications to one central place: our data centre. This allows you to even faster and better manage your network and applications, enrol new users and applications faster, save costs en maximize productivity and efficiency from your employees.

Desktop as a service allows your users to gain access from anywhere remotely to any windows- or Linux desktop which is hosted on a virtual machine in our data centre, either on our own infrastructure or in your hosted infrastructure, so undependable whether this is a server hosted solution or a client side solution, and all in a secure and highly resilient manner.


Public Cloud

In the public cloud model, mainly a big third-party provider delivers the cloud service over the Internet. Public cloud services are sold on-demand.
ITCE is specialized in the three major players on this terrain. Amazone, Office 365 and Google.


Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of public cloud services and on-premises private cloud – with orchestration and automation between the two. Companies can run mission-critical workloads or sensitive applications on the private cloud while using the public cloud for demanding workloads that must scale on-request. The goal of hybrid cloud is to create a unified, automated, scalable environment which takes advantage of all that a public cloud infrastructure can provide, while still maintaining control over mission-critical data.

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