RIM’s Black Pad launch expected next week


Research in Motion, the makers of the BlackBerry phone, are planning to launch the long talked-about ‘Black Pad’ early next week, instead of in 2011, which had been the date going around in rumour circles.
The launch is to be done at the RIM’s developer conference in San Francisco.
RIM’s tablet computer is to showcase the stylishness of the Apple iPad and the solid reputation of BlackBerry in the corporate market.
The Black Pad features a 7-inch touchscreen and uses, not the Blackberry 6 OS, but QNX, which RIM had purchased in April to the tune of £128m ($200m).
Although RIM has not been secretive about their tablet’s development, they have not revealed much info about its other features.
RIM has not announced the actual name of the tablet either.
It was been nicknamed the Black Pad when news came out that RIM had bought the Blackpad.com domain name in August.

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