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All organizations use technology resources in their business, so it is only natural that technical problems arise. That’s why we believe having a structured Service Desk team is critical.

In this way, service needs to leave aside the role of being just the support and guaranteeing the client’s full success, from the beginning to the end of the client’s journey.


The ITCE’s Service Desk aims to support and help your organization’s users all around to technology resources. The Service Desk process is summarized in a central that registers, answers requests and creates solutions, offering the most modern in incident control systems and performance indicators. You will manage your IT issues much more easily.

The Service Desk is organized in levels to answer from the simplest, even the most complex requests that require specialized professionals acting to solve your problem. For each stage, we have a qualified team that seeks the most adequate solution quickly, reducing the chances of compromising the execution of their business processes. The service can be remote or locally, depending on the analysis, which produces an increasingly agile and assertive service.


ITCE’s Service Desk is not just an IT service center, you can add other requests to the same center, we have a Sales Department ready to receive your order and manage all your assets on demand

Agility in solving problems, reducing expenses and ensuring continuity of operations are just some of the advantages that a Structured Service Desk team brings to your business.

Our Service Desk follows the most modern international standards in support of information technology:

Attendance and recording of all occurrences by telephone and immediate response to first-level occurrences;

Use of modern intelligence software that helps decision making to answer critical problems;

Guidance of our employees adapting to each area of your company to better understand the proposed solution;

Investing in our professionals to be in line with the best practices of service, response time and solution, and keep them always updated with new technology launches and update existing technologies;

We use international standards such as ITIL and CobIT.

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