Telecom & VoIP

ITCE offers turn key, VOIP solutions sized to best fit the customer needs. Our solutions are based on Asterisk IP-PBX, simply the best, and Scopserv’s Scoptel GUI, the best and most professional graphical user interface for Asterisk Platforms. Scopserv a rofessional telephony solutions, beating any conventional high-end proprietary PBX, with a lot more functionality features, and application integration mechanisms, all this at a fraction of the cost of a conventional solution.

The total cost of ownership are tremendously lower than traditional proprietary systems, and this, thanks to the use of open source resources, standard hardware and cabling, standard IP infrastructure, and the use of competitive Internet Telephony System Provider.

ITCE hosts your own telephony in the cloud. This means that the telephone is no longer in your company, but in a professional datacenter, with the necessary security and backup systems . So you get access to professional telephone functionalities with without having to invest in your own IP – PBX. A cost saving solution with a controllable monthly expenditure

Connect all locations
Does your company have several locations? Is there a seperate PBX on each location?
Do you still pay for your calls between offices? Do you have a lot of national and international calls?
VoIP for Business can help you!

– You only need one PBX to cover all your locations: national and international
– Communication between all locations is free of charge and can be done with a direct internal number
– Use your cloudPBX from anywhere in the world (at home, while traveling from hotel, from external sales offices, etc

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