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Traditional phone systems have traveled a long way. They transitioned into a digital delivery from voice communication and multi media sessions also known as VoIP-networks (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP for businesses becomes more and more based on applications, at which hardware systems are switched to software which is rented in a cloud model.


Through a modern VoIP telephone exchange users can take advantage of functions such as simultaneous ringing from extensions. An extension can for example be programmed to call on a mobile phone when an external call is being received, while a 2nd call can be routed to voicemail or a different user. User can also video chat in VoIP in a softphone client on a desktop or a video call without the need for a complex telepresence system.


Through analog phone systems multiple calls a day are missed or wrongly handled because the calls don’t get answered, not on time or by the wrong person. A VoIP telephone exchange makes sure that no calls are missed and the caller immediately get to the right person!

A VoIP telephone exchange connects a user to a phone number and can register a random amount of devices. It’s a big advantage to take your phone everywhere and work home or for example on an airport.

This is in line with the fact that larger businesses with different locations also communicate with each other over the phone. Here acts VoIP again as an important role because this removes the costs of this completely.

There are a lot of improvements, like (central) simple manageability, maintenance and user-friendliness. A VoIP telephone exchange offers extra advantages like an unprecedented scalability , a lot of new modern functions and improved stability. As your IT-partner we will support this stability by presenting the best possible options based on the choice of providers and infrastructure.

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