One of the most important parts of any organisation is training, especially the ICT training. Without proper training your employees will lack the knowledge to perform their task efficient.

For this reason, we offer personalized training to guide you and your staff to the most efficient way of working.

Making companies work more efficiently, transferring knowledge in a pleasant way and creating fine collaborations in the workplace, we strive for that.

Why training?

The cost and the hours that the staff can not work seem to be a disadvantage.
Nevertheless, this is an investment that, thanks to the following benefits, quickly pays for itself.


If we can respond to your business activities, we can design our training so that the users can improve their day-to-day processes. Think here of Microsoft Office – Word, for example certain key combinations can be used to make manual actions with the cursor superfluous. For example: control + B makes the text ‘bold’.

This is just a small example, but many of these small tips will result in huge time savings.
A few simple layout adjustments of course also ensure that the text not only reads more pleasantly and that is how it is more professional.


Why spend hours studying and figuring out how a program actually works? A tailor-made training is the ideal solution for this.
It has long been the case that staff members end up at a workplace where a small basic knowledge of computers and software such as Microsoft Office is required. Unfortunately, thanks to our years of experience in Service Desk, we have determined that it is still lacking in too many staff members.
As an employer, it is therefore extremely advantageous if we can eliminate this defect with our staff with our training courses.

We offer following courses

  • Office 365 Basics

  • Office 365 for organisations

  • Sharepoint collaboration

  • Excel advanced

  • Custom trainings

Would you like your staff to receive specific training?


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